The Sylvanblaze: A Journey Through a Magical Land



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The Sylvanblaze began with a simple thought: write a piece of music with elements derived from the fantasy world, working on inspirations from the works of Basil Poledouris, Bill Brown, Masayoshi Soken and famed Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu. A Hero’s Journey forms the basis of this orchestral work. The first movement conveys the humble beginnings of the Hero with the main theme and an atmosphere of a village setting. Sprites and Faeries, has a primeval, almost primitive nature to it, evoking a carnival-like mood depicting the little ones of fantasy. It is here that the Hero meets these magical creatures for the first time and is in awe in how they go about their meager lives. Trial of the Sun Cross brings in a sense of agitation. It is here in the Hero’s Journey that the main antagonist is introduced and the stage is set for the final showdown, with the Hero ultimately defeating the villain and is now forced to escape the lair in order to bring the fairy tale to a climactic conclusion.





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