Latinx Student Success: Rural Schools and Social Networks



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Purpose: The purpose of this study is to explore the strategies that principals of high-performing rural schools use to increase the academic achievement of Latinx students. Therefore, rural school leaders are challenged to implement effective strategies including utilizing social networks. Research Method: In this qualitative, multiple case study, interviews were conducted with five rural secondary school principals in Texas. Findings: The findings in this study indicated that rural principals contributed their student success to (a) support/resources, (b) communication, (c) relationships, (d) involvement, (e) collaboration/partnerships, and (f) rural setting characteristics. Conclusion: Findings suggest that principals value and nurture relationships between community organizations, their students’ families, and their faculty. Developing these strong relations was ‘the basis for their student success.



Latinxs academic achievement, rural educational leadership, partnerships, social networks, multiple case study


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