A course of study for effectively teaching the junior high school advanced band in Midland, Texas




Storie, John Randolph.

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Canyon, Tex. : West Texas State University



Almost every successful band program has an outstanding director to lead it. To become outstanding, the young director must be able to motivate young people. He must keep forward motion going at all times, and he must have vision. To be effective he will need a well-organized, systematic and sequential program of instruction. The purpose of this study is to organize the actual objectives and procedures for the first year teacher in his instruction of the advanced band. The study presents teaching procedures, objectives, and learning activities for both the marching band and the concert band. Each quarter of instruction is organized on a weekly basis. Rehearsal procedures for each quarter are also included. Definitions of terms form the subject matter of Chapter II. Chapter III includes an outline of objectives for the band program at San Jacinto Junior High School in Midland, Texas as well as the personal teaching philosophy of the author. Chapters IV and V contain the actual course of study for the Marching and Concert Band. The summary, conclusions, and recommendations can be found in Chapter VI. The appendices contain more information that will help the young teacher in his organization of the band program. Included are sample correspondence to students and parents as well as a suggested handbook.


Bands (Music), Instruction and study, Juvenile, Midland, Texas


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