Forgotten Frontera

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The Center for the Study of the American West (CSAW) at West Texas A&M University (WTAMU) has as its mission “to promote the study of the American West both as a region culturally unique and as a product of broad historical forces”; CSAW furthermore has as its vision statement, “to become a center dedicated to cultivating a critical sense of region and place in a globalized era.” Exemplifying the values of both statements, CSAW’s NEH-funded project “Forgotten Frontera: The Mexican American Southern Plains” has among its goals the recovery and dissemination of an endangered cultural heritage and the strengthening of WTAMU as a Hispanic-Serving Institution. Forgotten Frontera is a long-term project. With funding from NEH, the next three years will make Forgotten Frontera a permanent aspect of institutional practices by grafting its expertise onto WTAMU events and activities in scholarly, curricular, museum collection, and community practices. Propelled by NEH Funding, CSAW’s fundraising initiatives will proceed in raising endowments to fund Forgotten Frontera events and research activities for the future. CSAW, WTAMU, and the PPHM will continue to build upon relationships formed in the community.


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  • Texas Panhandle Oral History Interviews conducted by WTAMU students. Contains audio, video, and/or transcripts of interviews. Most of these interviews are conducted entirely in Spanish, although some are in English.