Utilizing Social Media Communication Platforms as a Recruitment Strategy for the Department of Agricultural Sciences at West Texas A&M University



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The purpose of this descriptive study was to evaluate the uses of social media as a recruiting strategy that is or will be employed by the Department of Agricultural Sciences at West Texas A&M University. The target population of this study consisted of first year freshman and transfer students that are enrolled in the department (N=273). The survey instrument was administered through e-mail to the participants who fell within the target population. In order to achieve the purpose of this study, data was collected via Qualtrics. There were 273 surveys administered with 68 completed and submitted. The instrument was designed to measure students own personal social media usage, the purpose of the social media sites, and the development of effectiveness within the Department of Agricultural Sciences own social media platforms. Respondents were asked a series of multiple choice questions, some that had the ability to provide multiple answers, yes/no questions, and ratings.



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