Reconstruction of the Soul



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My work transforms negative emotions, thoughts, and experiences into positive results through the act of painting and weaving. This process of overcoming the internal battle of negative emotions through painting and weaving is inherently dualistic, often combining contrasting elements, processes, and concepts. By taking my emotions and turning them into gestural abstract paintings, my active style of painting becomes a physical representation of the chaos behind my emotions and the struggle to make sense of them. I then take these source paintings and shred them by hand into strips of varying lengths and widths, illustrating the break down of my emotions. I then weave together the strips into a woven object. The woven object illustrates the transformation of overwhelming emotions into an order and unified work. Even if it is diverse in its makeup coming from the previous abstraction, it still embodies strength, stability, and control. The dualistic process of deconstruction and reconstruction paintings into woven objects represent the process of rebuilding one’s self and taking back control.



Reconstruction, Soul


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