How to Save the World in 20 Minutes or Less



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ABSTRACT When composing a piece with extensive instrument requirements, excessive difficulty or length, or combinations of these factors, obtaining a recording of substantial quality is a challenge for many composers. A composer with a solid understanding of audio production techniques and a network of performers can produce a convincing recording without having to worry about the logistics or cost of assembling and recording a large ensemble. How to Save the World in 20 Minutes or Less is scored to unconventional media - using footage of a video game being completed in record time. Composed for 23-piece large jazz ensemble, the work utilizes compositional techniques from a number of different musical genres - from funk and swing to fusion and modern jazz styles. A recording of the piece was produced by mixing recordings from 11 different musicians recording independently to simulate a live ensemble.



Composition, composition for media, composition for film, remote recording, audio production,


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