Strategic Pedagogy: Pursuing Best Practices for Teaching Asychronous Online Health Economics Courses




Meredith, Neil

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WTAMU Cornette Library


This chapter employs eight years of experience and research to develop recommended best practices for choosing a textbook, producing videos, role-playing discussion forums and random block examinations when teaching health economics online asynchronously. Best practice recommendations include picking a textbook that has prebuilt slides, fits the student audience, provides some practice exercises, and has a relatively long shelf life. For video production, I recommend developing a high-quality, short introduction video and producing as many minimal editing videos as possible. I recommend role-playing discussion forum use to improve learning and engagement in discussion forums. I also recommend employing random block examinations with a time constraint and visibility constraint to deter academic dishonesty. I conclude with a final recommendation for other helpful resources such as the Teaching Health Economics Special Interest Group within the International Health Economics Association.


This chapter provides a summary of my experience, surveying of literature, and usage of relevant statistics in lieu of a traditional data collection approach.



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