Experimental Salt Gradient Solar Pond for Heat Storage and Solar Distillation



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A Salt Gradient Solar Pond is a shallow body of water that collects and stores solar energy. Salt Gradient Solar Ponds consist of 3 layers The Upper Convective Zone (UCZ), The Non – Convective Zone (NCZ), and Lower Convective Zone (LCZ). Sunlight passes through the UCZ and moves through the NCZ where it is then stored as heat energy in the LCZ. Salt Gradient Solar Ponds can be used for many applications such as industrial process heating, space heating, desalination, and electricity production. Salt Gradient Solar Ponds offer an attractive option with growing concerns about Greenhouse gas emissions and freshwater availability. Today it is estimated that 10,000 tons of oil are used to produce 1,000 cubic meters. This research focuses on using an idealized Salt Gradient Solar Pond with a transparent plastic cover acting as the UCZ using produced brine water from the Maybee Ranch for the NCZ and LCZ layers.



Salt Gradient Solar Ponds


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