How We Sea Conservation: A Content Analysis of Conservation Efforts Framed on Animal Planet’s The Aquarium



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With 70% of the Earth being underwater and affected by many factors, aquatic animals are disappearing. However, people are also to blame for the endangerment and extinction of species. Zoos and Aquariums are trying to help combat this issue. Some of these facilities have teamed up with Animal Planet to give a glimpse at their daily routines of taking care of animals, training, and vet visits. Georgia Aquarium is featured in The Aquarium that began airing in 2019. This thesis uses framing theory to analyze the frames presented in season 1 of The Aquarium to answer the research question: How are conservation efforts on the television series The Aquarium framed? After interviewing Georgia Aquarium, a codebook was made and the first season of The Aquarium was coded for education techniques, conservation efforts, and communication tactics. Ultimately, the show was not about conservation efforts as originally thought, but the show was focused on being entertaining and educational. The Aquarium gives viewers the chance to learn about the aquatic animals that find their homes in Georgia Aquarium.



conservation, Animal Planet, Georgia Aquarium, The Aquarium, edutainment, framing theory, messaging


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