A Principal's Perception on Instructional Coaching


December 2023

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ABSTRACT This final composite explores the challenges that principals in public schools face. The first scholarly deliverable is a case study that can be used in college for candidates seeking a master's in education with a focus on being a principal. The case, “Cultures Colliding,” explores issues faced by a middle school principal that is associated with integrating new students from a low socioeconomic, low-performing campus into an upper-middle-class achieving campus. This case study illustrates the trials and tribulations that this principal faced from parents and staff not wanting the new students, to the students' struggle over whose school this is and who will run it. The final empirical article, “A Principals’ Perception on Instructional Coaching,” is a qualitative study that looks at elementary and secondary principals who have experienced various levels of instructional coaching. These principals speak of how the coaching relationship impacted student learning and teacher development on various campuses in a mid-sized Texas school district.



Leadership; Instructional Leadership; Leadership Coaching


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