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My thesis explores the idea that people are spiritual beings having a human experience rather than human beings having a spiritual experience. To convey this idea in visual form, I create abstract paintings and drawings, primarily in the style of Abstract Expressionism. Each of my works utilizes a four-part system of development that consists of a) “universe”, b) “forms”, c) “gestural moments”, and d) “time-threads,” all of which relate to varied aspects of what it means to be human, both individually and collectively as a species. My concepts stem from the writings of Teilhard de Chardin and Joseph Campbell, while my artistic influences include Cave Art, Expressionists, and the Transcendental Painters. My goal is to share my visions and create relevant cross-cultural connections through the nonverbal language of abstract visual art. I also address concepts of time and space in realms beyond the earth plane. I engage with the works authentically as I create them, and then release them after completion, allowing the experience to then belong to the viewer. I’m not trying to convince or persuade my audience into believing or feeling exactly what I do, but rather I am simply sharing my journey with fellow travelers. Though we may experience different circumstances and perceive them differently, we are still united by our spiritual experience as human beings moving through life. My paintings and drawings express the sharing of this common bond.



This thesis is an exploration of spiritual beings moving through time and space as human beings. It explores nature as a source for spirituality..


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