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What if we are all trapped in our own worlds, like a matrix, and we can not see the true world? Analogy in definition is a resemblance and comparison between two things. This research focuses mainly on alternative perspectives through which my body of work could be analyzed and interpreted based on perception of the viewer. This research challenges the viewer by offering different perspectives, a mirrored viewpoint through which the viewer is challenged to read a text or otherwise analyze an image. In this thesis, sculptures, paintings, and video combine to create a controversial dialog and a sense of ambiguity about notions of the content. As a conceptual artist, the meaning of my work lies within the mind of the viewer and not within the object itself. Art and the experience of art are social constructions that demand the viewer to engage, and my work would not be complete without the participation of the audience. In other words, the viewer’s interactions form an important part in completing the concept, and this interaction is the foundation of my work.



Arash, Ghahari, Analogy, MFA Thesis, Modern Art, Postmodern, Contemporary, Middle East, Islamophobia, Islam, Pragmatism, Semiotics, Symbolism, Freud, Shahnameh, Glass, Painting, Sculpture, Video, Installation


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