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Anamnesis investigates the phenomenon of recollected memories through the creation and presentation of abstracted paintings. This body of work is based on my own personal memories and emotions while it seeks to provoke emotional memories from my viewers. I embrace haziness and imperfection in my aesthetics and materials to evoke the notion of fragmented memories one is able to recollect at any time of her own personal history. Memories cannot be duplicated like a photograph. My paintings blur the subject matter, which is drawn from memory. Each time I revisit a memory, I encounter it from a different perspective, thus causing the lines to blur. These abstracted memories are produced on imperfect and warped wooden boards as well as previously used canvas and drawing boards. The idea of recycling materials, which others have put time and effort, even if discarded, mimics the idea of layered emotion and memory. Found objects that trigger specific events, or places, or people are an important part of my process. Each painting is a memory of my past and some are memories of people, some of places or events. Memories of people can scatter across decades of time, while events are more concrete. Occasionally people and events collide making the memory dually complex.