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    Reflections of the Past: History of North Amarillo
    This document is a cooperative project between the Amarillo Public Library and the Cornette Library of West Texas A&M University. Reflections of the Past: History of North Amarillo was originally a VHS videotape of a Round Table discussion at the North Branch of the Amarillo Public Library on February 20, 2000. Fifteen long-time, African-American citizens of Amarillo, Texas, in the Texas Panhandle, reminisced about landmarks, their families, or experiences growing up in or moving to Amarillo. Members of the group spoke from their hearts, not prepared scripts. Some spoke about segregation, some did not. Please note that many participants were already well acquainted with others in the group. The following text of the video Reflections of the Past consists of notes written by Carolyn Ottoson after viewing the video 20 years after it was produced. Any errors are hers. The text is not 100% accurate or complete, nor is it an official transcript. The following photographs, timestamps, and content are intended to serve as a finding aid to navigate the actual video. The partial transcript should not be quoted as a primary source. Following the partial transcript is supplemental material that was not included with the original VHS videotape. It includes additional resources, mainly books and articles, that may be of interest for further reading or research. There is also statistical Census information about the African-American population of Amarillo from 1910 to 1990. Links to Amarillo city maps from 1902 to 1972 are also included. Because of the generous permission of the Amarillo Public Library, a digitized copy of the video and this transcript are stored by the Cornette Library in the WTAMU Repository. Special thanks go to Amanda Barrera, APL Library Director and Cindy Wallace, APL Reference Librarian. Additional thanks go to the Cornette Library, including Shawna Kennedy-Witthar, Director of Information and Library Resources; Sidnye Johnson, Special Collections and University Archives Librarian; and Mary Rausch, Cataloging and Periodicals Librarian. Carolyn Ottoson Government Documents Librarian, Cornette Library West Texas A&M University Canyon, Texas November 23, 2021