A Qualitative Analysis of Service-Learning with Engineering Students



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Service-learning is an effective learning method to increase necessary skills of STEM students. Therefore, it is necessary to increase engineering service-learning courses (Maloney et al., 2013). This study investigated how service-learning affects STEM students and what skills they retained after participating in a service-learning course. This paper is a qualitative study of STEM students in service-learning using students' reflections and their responses to interviews on what they experienced in service-learning courses. The engineering students in this study supported elementary students in a makerspace, carrying out hands-on activities. This paper illustrates how STEM students in service-learning classes contribute to community implementing activities in makerspace. The findings support the conclusion that a service-learning course can positively affect students' development of 21st century skills (Naik et al., 2020). This study shows that STEM students benefited from service-learning by increasing 21st century skills in communication, creativity, and leadership.



service-learning, STEM students, 21st century skills


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