Using McCarthy's "All the Pretty Horses" as Culturally Relevant Literature for Hispanic English Language Learners




Weiss, Adam
Williams, Jonathan

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WTAMU Cornette Library


While Hispanic English Language Learners comprise 7.7% of the total public-school population, adolescent, Hispanic English Language Learners earn significantly lower reading test scores compared to their White and Asian counterparts. Research indicates that a dearth of culturally representative literature for Hispanic students exists and that teachers often fail to assign high-interest literature for their adolescent students. To address the issue, the present article describes how Cormac McCarthy’s "All the Pretty Horses" could offer both an engaging and culturally relevant narrative for adolescent, Hispanic English Language Learners. In addition to explaining the novel's cultural relevance, the article provides several research-proven, instructional activities related to the novel.


Teachers of adolescent, Hispanic English Language Learners can use "All the Pretty Horses" to provide culturally relevant literacy instruction. Teachers can implement the instructional activities suggested in the manuscript to provide students with instruction in the five fundamental areas of adolescent literacy: word parts, fluency, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and motivation.



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