Spotlighting Emotional Intelligence in Children's Media: Emotional Portrayals in Disney Channel Television Series




Osei-Hwere, Patrick
Osei-Hwere, Enyonam
Chen, Li

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Emotions matter and for children, emotions can affect interpersonal relationships, influence decision making resulting in both positive and negative consequences, and impact academic performance and cognitive development (Brackett & Simmons 2015; Lopes & Salovey, 2004). Children learn about emotions from a variety of sources including media, where children are exposed to a variety of emotional experiences. Media can provide learning and socialization opportunities for children to develop skills of perceiving, understanding, and managing emotions associated with emotional intelligence. Although important work has been done exploring the role of emotions in mass media (Grossberg et al., 2006; Konijn & ten Holt, 2011; Lull, 1995; Nabi, 2009; Nabi & Wirth, 2008, Nabi et al., 2011; Wirth & Schramm, 2005), the potential for entertainment media to help children acquire emotional intelligence skills is under explored. The purpose of this study is to seek a better understanding of emotional portrayals in children's entertainment media and the potential role media can play in developing emotional intelligence skills.


A content analysis was conducted to answer the research questions for the study. 10 shows were selected from the leading and most watched Disney Channel television series in the United States for the 2018 season. A total of 48 episodes were coded for analysis.


2022 Faculty Research Poster Session and Research Fair, West Texas A&M University, Department of Communication, Poster, Emotions, Entertainment media


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