Passport to an "A"




Hanson, Trudy

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WTAMU Cornette Library


From a time diary study my colleagues and I completed several years ago (Hanson, et. al, 2011), we discovered when it comes to reading, our students simply were not doing it! Students read one book or less over the course of the academic year. In an effort to motivate students to read, I adopted the Passport Control exercise designed by Constance Staley. In this exercise, students submit “passports” (index cards) on which they have jotted down key concepts in the assigned reading. I collect these passports and then return the cards to the students the day of the mid-term exam. Students submitting passports scored an average of 10 points higher on the midterm exam than those not submitting passports.


I used a qualitative approach to collect student notes, interpreting results of those using passports compared to those not using passport by determining mean scores.



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