Small Scale Wind Turbine For Back Up Power Generation




Varatharaj, Varatharaj
Baillio, Jonathan

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A small-scale wind generator system can be designed as a backup power generator. This type of system can provide temporary power when access to either the power grid or combustible fuel sources for traditional generators are not available. Adapting to this type of "off-the-grid" power generation as natural disasters are having a greater and more frequent impact on infrastructure could be ideal to many communities. In this research project, a wind generator system that can provide sufficient power to operate a household refrigerator and charge mobile devices has been modeled. This provides safe refrigeration for food or medicine and also to communicate in an emergency situation. The system is modeled using two 12 V deep cycle batteries both rated at 75-watt hours of capacity. Wire sizing and current requirements are derived from the MPPT controller design and maximum wattage output of the generator and the battery voltage. The system is designed to meet the criteria such as the system should not be permanently affixed to a structure and power generation should be sufficient to power a household refrigerator and charge mobile devices as needed.


Data for this was obtained through simulations/programs.


2023 Faculty and Student Research Poster Session and Research Fair, West Texas A&M University, College of Engineering, Poster, Wind generator, Power grid, Combustible fuel


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