Turning the Corner: From Student Writer to Writing Teacher




Hindman, Janet
Coneway, Betty

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One of the critical questions in education today is: How can educator preparation programs better prepare teacher candidates to become more effective writers who strive to improve their own craft of writing and who will ultimately become effective writing teachers for ensuing generations of young writers? The purpose of this proposal is to examine the efficacy of a new Teaching Writing course in preparing teacher candidates to become confident writers and writing teachers through explicit instruction, writing practice, and portfolio development. Our research study action plan investigated how the writing course helps teacher candidates become more effective writers and more skilled writing teachers. The plan creates continued engagement for those committed to developing teacher candidates' self-efficacy as confident writers and effective writing teachers.


Mixed Methods, including qualitative and quantitative survey of student participants with the approval of our IRB proposal.


2022 Faculty Research Poster Session and Research Fair, West Texas A&M University, Department of Education, Poster, Educator preparation programs, Teaching Writing


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