Arduino based digital lasso lock security sytem using keypad



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This thesis describes the development of the Arduino based lasso lock security system. It focuses on the security aspects of digital security systems by outlining the common issues. For this project, a microcontroller was chosen, and a test environment was created to experiment with and detect security flaws. The majority of people nowadays are concerned about how to protect their vital and personal things, such as valuables and documents. As a result, the majority of individuals use alarms to secure their lockers at home in order to ensure the safety of their valuables. However, they may still be used through manual lock system procedures without providing any notice to the user when they are broken. This research project develops an enhanced alert system that uses a tension sensor and a numeric keypad to authenticate the user's identity in order to open the lasso-locked box. This project describes a safe and simple security system that utilizes a load cell sensor to handle the locking process. The Arduino, 4x4 keypad, load cell, potentiometer, buzzer and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen are used to hardwire the system. The ARDUINO IDE program was utilized to create the system's controlling statements in the Arduino controller. System testing ensures that a high degree of security is maintained, resulting in optimum performance.



Digital lasso lock, Security system


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