Local Direct Democracy and Ballot Roll-off in the Age of Trump: Untangling the November 2020 Amarillo Propositions




Dave Rausch
Mary Rausch

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In November 2020, voters in Amarillo, Texas, were asked to decide three ballot propositions in addition to casting votes for President, members of Congress, and members of the Texas Legislature. The three propositions were a $275 million bond issue, a proposal to lengthen the terms of members of the city council from two years to four years, and to change the number of city council meetings required per year. Two of the propositions failed to gain majority support while one of the propositions was approved by voters. This paper examines the relationship among the vote for President, ballot roll-off, and the failure and success of the ballot propositions. The present research is the start of an investigation that will conclude with an examination of the cast ballot records when they become available to the public.



Direct democracy, voting, elections, Amarillo, Texas


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