Comparing Automobile Accident Rates in Counties from the Texan Panhandle




Li, Wenhao
Ramos Salazar, Leslie

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the accident rates of counties in the Texan Panhandle. Given the high percentage rates of fatalities and crashes reported, it is important to examine accident rates in order to prevent future fatalities. A comparison analysis was conducted using Tableu using Texan Panhandle data. Results provide the factors that contributed to vehicle accidents. Additionally, Potter County had more accidents in comparison to Randall County. Findings have implications for the safety of Texan Panhandle automobile drivers.


The accident fatalities in the Texas Panhandle has been shown to increase. Batzlaff (2023) reported 90 accident deaths in 2021 and 101 in 2022. Factors that contribute to accidents in Texas include speed, alcohol and drugs, poor weather, and distracted driving (i.e., texting, eating) (Shiner, 2023). In March 2023, the Texas Department of Transportation demonstrated that Amarillo had a total of 16 fatal crashes and 19 fatalities and Canyon had 2 fatal crashes and 2 fatalities. As such, there is a need to investigate the accident rates in Randall and Potter counties of the Texas Panhandle in order to prevent future accidents and reduce collision fatalities (Texas Department of Insurance, 2023). In this study, we will address a gap in the literature by examining the accident rates of the Texan Panhandle. The purpose of this project is to examine automobile accidents in counties of the Texan Panhandle. In this study, we conducted a comparison data analysis using Tableu. Our research questions include the following: RQ1: What factors explain automobile accidents in Amarillo, TX? RQ2: How do Potter and Randall counties compare in automobile accidents? RQ3: How do Texan counties differ by fatalities? Our findings identify the top factors that contributed to these accidents included: failing to control speed, unsafe speed, failing to drive in the single lane, driver inattention, and under the influence of alcohol. We also identify high automobile accidents in Amarillo, TX. In particular, Potter County exhibited more accidents in comparison to Randall County. Most accidents happen on Fridays during rush hour (5PM) and in the month of October. In examining Texan fatalities across counties, Amarillo had 262 total fatalities in comparison to Lubbock, which had 299. Our findings have implications for the safety of Texan Panhandle automobile drivers. References Batzlaff, S. (2023). TxDOT Amarillo District reports rise in fatality crashes in 2022. Shiner, D. (2023). Common causes of car accidents. Texas Department of Insurance. (2023). Accident investigation safety training program. Texas Department of Transportation. (2023). Crashes and injuries cities and towns. Texas Peace Officer's Crash Reports, 1-46. Data collection methodology is comparison methods using secondary public data.


2024 Faculty and Student Research Poster Session and Research Fair, West Texas A&M University, College of Business, Poster, Texas Panhandle, Automobile accidents, Accident rates