Using iPads with a Student-Run Firm to Enhance Learning and Client Work




Kinsky, Emily
Bruce, Kimberly R.

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WTAMU Cornette Library


Students in WTAMU’s student-run public relations firm, 1910 PR, were offered an iPad Pro with an attached keyboard and Apple Pencil for one month last spring as part of a collaboration between the university CIO and the Dean of the Sybil B. Harrington College of Fine Arts and Humanities. Their use of the iPads was part of a test before expanding the initiative across other classes in the fall. Having the latest iPad Pro in their hands gave students an opportunity to learn the best uses for a professional tool as they completed coursework and client work, such as content creation, social media management, media relations, and event planning.


Students in the pilot group attended a course taught by an Apple trainer and then used the tablets for a month of client work. On the last day of class, a Qualtrics survey regarding iPad usage was given. Ten of the 12 students rated the iPad Pro as extremely helpful for classwork, and all agreed the iPad would be useful for work with 1910 PR next semester. Students appreciated “learning all of the functions I did not know an iPad could do.” Slack, Notes and Adobe programs were among the most-used apps. One student said, “I used the voice memo app for interviews and used the camera to scan documents. It really opened up new ways of getting work done.” Students concluded that Adobe, Slack and Google Drive would be the most useful apps for future PR firm students. Eleven of the 12 students were satisfied or very satisfied with the iPad initiative, and all of the students recommended WT continue the iPad Pro program.



Kinsky, E. & Bruce, K. (2019). Using iPads with a Student-Run Firm to Enhance Learning and Client Work. PRSA Educator's Academy, San Diego, California.

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