Of Flesh and the Feminine




Gamble, Misty

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This research study led to the creation and production of a new body of work that exhibited at the National Council on the Education for the Ceramic Arts Conference (Cincinnati, Ohio), Louis Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts (Lubbock, Texas), and then will travel on to other national exhibition spaces and museums. The discovery of new knowledge leading to exhibition is the foundation of my creative arts research. I am currently looking at the overlap of feminist and vegan critical theory, the intersection of feminism and environmentalism and the relationships between human animals and non-human animals. I consider myself an animal rights activist that uses art activism to foster dialogue about the animals, earth, and interspecies relationships. With the help of the Kilgore grant, I completed a series of eight life size figurative ceramic sculptures each comprised of fifty individual ceramic slip cast parts. These ceramic sculpted torsos of women hold up gigantic heads of hair. Atop the head of hair sits metal soldered and woven "cages" or upside down French revolutionary era hoop skirt holding cornucopias of tassels, horns, synthetic hair, faux flora, faux fruit, and ceramic chicken feet, legs, and wings.


Participants in the research included myself, Assistant Professor of Art Misty Gamble, and my students assistants, Chance Neese and Andrea Hernandez. My art-making research process involves intellectual study through researching and sourcing for ideas and information to formulate content and meaning; designing the form and surface; studying and experimenting with new techniques, materials, and tools to build skillset; manifesting the creation and construction of a new work; being selected to exhibit the work; installing the new work and finally, others seeing the work which completes the process.


2024 Faculty and Student Research Poster Session and Research Fair, West Texas A&M University, College of Fine Arts and Humanities, Poster, Ceramic sculptures, Feminist Critical Theory, Vegan Critical Theory, Feminism, Environmentalism