How to Effectively Communicate CSR with Employees? Understanding CSR Communication Effects Through the Lens of Reasoned Action




Zhang, Yafei

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This study examined how employees’ perceived communication about corporate social responsibility (CSR) impacts their CSR engagement, and how the effect is mediated via employees’ CSR-related attitudes, perceived norms, and perceived control. Results, based on a survey (N = 406) of participants recruited from Amazon Mturk, revealed that employee perceptions of CSR communication were positively associated with their CSR-related attitudes, perceived norms, perceived control, and CSR engagement. Findings also indicated the mediation effect from employees’ perceived CSR communication to CSR engagement via CSR-related attitudes and perceived norms. This study contributes to the scant research on employee-centered CSR and suggests CSR as an effective strategy to cultivate relationships with employees and to increase their CSR engagement.


Expected Findings: This study moves away from employee CSR perceptions to focus on employee behavioral intention to CSR participation as the key internal CSR outcome. Our findings bring new into about the opportunities of engaging employees in CSR by identifying the advantageous outcome, supporters, and facilitators as perceived by employees. This study also suggests potential challenges of internal CSR by addressing the beliefs around disadvantageous outcomes, opponents, and barriers of employee CSR participation. Together, the present research illustrates the value of theory-based belief elicitation research for internal CSR improvement and promotions.



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