Two-dimensional materials at the nanoscale; Rolling C60 on Graphyne




Ozmaian, Masaoumeh

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The motion of a fullerene (C60) on 5 different types of graphyne is studied by all-atom molecular dynamics simulations and compared with former studies on the motion of C60 on graphene. The motion shows a diffusive behavior which consists of either a continuous motion or discrete movements between trapping sites depending on the type of the graphyne sheet. For graphyne-4 and graphyne-5, fullerenes could detach from the surface of the graphyne sheet at room temperature which was not reported for similar cases on graphene sheets. Collective motion of a group of fullerenes interacting with a graphyne studied and it is shown that fullerenes exhibit stable assemblies. Depending on the type of graphyne, these assemblies can have either single or double layers. The mobility of the assembled structures is also dependent on the type of the graphyne sheet. The observed properties of the motion suggests novel applications for the complexes of fullerene and monolayer graphynes.


Observation method was the data collection methodology.


2023 Faculty and Student Research Poster Session and Research Fair, West Texas A&M University, College of Engineering, Poster, Nanoparticles, Nanoscale devices, 2D nanostructures, Graphyne


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