The Role of Athletic Participation in Fostering Acclimation to Campus



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This final composite considers executive leadership and social networking through two submissions. The first scholarly deliverable is a case study appraising how athletic coaches and staff members recruit and assist an at-risk transfer student acclimate to their new institution. This can be used for any staff or administrator level in the field of educational leadership. The title of this article is “Whose fault is it when a transfer student has trouble acclimating to their new university surroundings? A Case Study” This case reviews the various factors that can contribute to a successful transition for transfer students and what administrators and staff can do to increase the likelihood of success, especially for at-risk students. A case analysis and discussion guides are included to help further demonstrate how transfer student-athletes are assisted. The final scholarly deliverable is an empirical article titled “The Role of Athletic Participation in Fostering Acclimation to Campus: A Mixed-Methods Study of University Transfer Students.” This empirical article explores the factors most often associated with transfer student success and if transfer student-athletes acclimate at a higher rate than their non-athlete peers.



Transfer students, student-athletes, athletics, support, academics, identity, transition, shock, belonging, NCAA


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