Public Opinion and Confederate Memorials in Amarillo




Rausch, John David Jr

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A white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, turned violent in August 2017. The rally directed attention to the presence of Confederate monuments in numerous American cities, including Amarillo, Texas. In an effort to understand the Amarillo public’s opinion of the Confederate statue in Elwood Park, a survey was fielded in September 2017. The survey also queried respondents about Robert E. Lee Elementary School in the Amarillo Independent School District. This poster presents the findings uncovered by the survey, including public opinion on the disposition of the Confederate monument, the possible need to change the name of the elementary school, and the public’s view of the Trump presidency. Much of the information presented here appeared in the pages of the Amarillo Globe-News (Treon, 2017). This poster presents some provocative associations between support for Confederate memorials and support of President Donald Trump. This poster presents a work in progress. In fact, one might argue that this is data in search of a theory.



Confederate memorials, public opinion, Amarillo,


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