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  • Morality and Medical Marijuana: The 2018 Vote on State Question 788 in Oklahoma 

    Rausch, John David Jr. (2019-01-19)
    At the June 2018 primary election, Oklahoma voters considered a citizen initiative to allow the licensed cultivation, use and possession of marijuana for medicinal purposes. The initiative was successful receiving over 57 ...
  • The Political Context of Emergency Services Districts in Texas 

    Rausch, John David Jr.; Rausch, Mary Scanlon (2018-11)
    Special purpose districts are the most numerous units of government in Texas. There are approximately 3,350 special districts in Texas, divided into 40 different types. Special districts exist locally and provide infrastructure ...
  • Constitutionally Defining Marriage in a Non-Presidential Election Year : A Study of the Vote in Two States 

    Rausch, John David Jr (2006-05)
    In 2004, voters in thirteen states approved amendments to their state constitutions defining marriage as involving one man and one woman. The process of states adding marriage definition amendments to their constitutions ...
  • Public Opinion and Confederate Memorials in Amarillo 

    Rausch, John David Jr (2016-03)
    A white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, turned violent in August 2017. The rally directed attention to the presence of Confederate monuments in numerous American cities, including Amarillo, Texas. In an ...
  • Does turnout matter? 

    Rausch, Mary Scanlon; Rausch, John David Jr. (2016-09-01)
    This paper examines the 2015 vote on a non-binding referendum on a portion of the program of downtown redevelopment in Amarillo, Texas. Despite early polls indicating that the referendum would be easy defeated, Amarillo ...